Productivity Tips For the Busy Runner

20th October 2014

In an ideal world, we’d all have at least 1 hour a day to spend running. But in the real world, quite often 24 hours just isn’t enough time to fit everything in. Lack of time is the most common reason why Running tends to fall off ones agenda. People often fear a lot of sacrifices have to be made, plenty of free time available in order to run a fast 10k, half marathon or marathon.

This is certainly not the case. Becoming productive with your time and training means you’ll train less but the quality of the training sessions will allow you to reap the rewards.

Transport Your Run: instead of sitting in traffic, stuff your keys, wallet, phone and work clothes into a back pack and run to/from work. Lately this has become a popular way for the busy runner to get in their weekly run sessions.

Weekly HIIT (High intensity interval training) sessions: find yourself only having 30 minutes to spare? Opt for a 30 min HIIT session to increase your race speed. HIIT running can range from 10secs- 5 min intervals depending on your level. Aim for one HIIT run and one tempo run per week at 80% of max heart rate

Follow a Structured running programme: Find a plan that fits into your lifestyle or get a qualified running coach to design a programme tailored to your needs. A three run week training plan will get you around a marathon in a good time once it is a good quality plan covering all aspects of your training needs.

Use Weekends wisely: for the majority Saturday and Sunday tends to be the days we find ourselves with more time, use this to your advantage by getting In long mileage at the weekend.

Train in Increments: some midweek days where you find yourself having to get in a longer session but lack time, split your run across the day. Eg Break a 90 min run into 2 x 45 min (one Am, one PM)

Track your training: There is plenty of new technology widely available that will make training easier. It will make you accountable, provide motivation and allow you to visually see your progress. Eg Garmin Watch, FitBit, Smart Phone app.

Socialise over Running: you’ve heard the saying “Running is cheaper than Therapy”. instead of grabbing a coffee with a friend why not tick off two errands and head to a park and have your chats over a run. Holding a conversation with a running buddy also acts as a great distraction when clocking up miles.

Always pack your Runners: you never know where you might find yourself or what meeting could be cancelled – having your shoes in your hand bag, suitcase, boot of the car, under the desk increases your chances of going for a run.

Increase your sleep: A good quality nights sleep is often taken for granted when we are faced with a busy lifestyle . It’s very important to ensure you get between 6-8 hours sleep so that the body can function and recover adequately.

Eat Healthy: you are what you eat therefore it’s crucial to eat fresh, natural and nutritious food. Running places a demand on the body as does a busy life. By eating healthy and drinking plenty of water it allows the body to adapt to stressful environments.

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