Food is the perfect friend, the friend that never let's you down, when your sad it's there for you, when you want to celebrate your friend lifts you up, when your bored food fills your time, when life gets stressful your friend food distracts you easing your worries and negative thoughts
It's TIME to end this unhealthy relationship you have with food.

Here at JF Personal Training we don’t believe in FAD diets simply because we are passionate about creating PERMANENT results. Everyone has been persuaded over and over again by promises of fast weight loss from the latest diet schemes. The truth is they DONT work………Even if you do lose some weight its only lasts a short period of time and within two years you have gained the weight you lost – and then some.

If your weightloss plan is not sustainable for the rest of your life, it’s not worth following.

Our nutrition philosophy is based upon 2 key principles

1. Food Mindset: We break the bad eating habits that have been formed over the years, and change the way you think and feel about food. We provide various strategies that help you overcome emotional eating so that good healthy choices can be made everyday.

2. Food Nutrients: Our Healthy Eating Plans Incorporate life enhancing, delicious, clean and natural foods which transform your body and finally put an end to food addictions and cravings.

The more you eat healthy meals and link together nutrition, exercise and positive mindset, the better your body will respond and eating healthy natural food will soon become the norm.