Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

6th October 2014

I recently went to see Mark Pollock’s documentary “Unbreakable” and after watching it I was filled with a variety of emotions. Here stood this young man who had gone blind in his early twenties and faced with a permanent life of darkness where everything, everyone and everywhere  now looks the exact same…..Black! Then falling out of a window a few years later  he is now not only deprived of his sight but deprived of the basic movements you and I take for granted on a daily basis.

What immediately struck me while watching the documentary was how waking up in the morning, getting up out of bed and going about our routine is taken as a given. We stress and worry about stupid things and complain about the weather, how tired we are from work or how things always go wrong for us. We all do it me included ” why do things always go wrong for poor me” (things going wrong being you never backed up your iPod and have lost some of your files, you can’t get the annual leave you wanted to go on holiday, you lost your wallet, can’t find the car keys, stuck in traffic).

I  went to see this documentary looking to be inspired and motivated. I left with so much more, It filled me with Gratitude, which I now believe is the best attitude. I made a list of all the non material things I am grateful for, which I think everyone should do……how long is mine ? It’s endless! I’m still adding to it everyday.

You know we spend our whole  lives constantly searching for the secret to happiness, wanting one day to be able to live the  “perfect life ” drive a fancy car, buy a house on the beach, go on exotic holidays when in matter of fact the perfect life is right here in front of us.  Everyday we wake up with full health is a “perfect day”.  There is no amount of money that can buy your health and it’s Only when its taken away do we realise this.

We get ONE  body and mind coming Into this world, its up to us to look after it and treat it well. What you don’t know is we get TWO lives…………Live the second one to the Full!

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    Wise words Jen teach us to appreciate what matters, namely our health & happiness

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