Jen Feighery is one of Ireland’s leading Fitness Experts who is highly regarded as a supreme motivator and extremely skilled personal training professional in the Health & Fitness industry.

She excels in transforming the lifestyles of individuals through her unique tough-love approach. Jen has the ability to empathise yet firmly push clients towards reaching their true potential.

Jen’s mission is to bring Health, Fitness and Self-Belief into peoples’ lives. Her vision is to create a platform where she can effectively communicate her message of Health & Wellness across the globe, and through her passion, positive spirit and knowledge, empower the world to stand up and make a permanent positive lifestyle change.

Jen is one of the most qualified Personal Trainers in her field. She attracts a variety of both male and female clientele because of her ability to create and deliver tailor made effective programmes specific to each individual.

Jen’s professional and down to earth approach along with her policy of client confidentiality also has her training celebrities and Olympic athletes both here in Ireland and abroad

She has helped adults & teenagers remodel their lives, some shedding a jaw dropping 5 stone in less than a year. Jen’s philosophy is based upon a realistic and healthy approach that leads to life long results.

Her knowledge & expertise is also highly regarded within the corporate sector; she delivers Corporate Fitness programmes which include wellness programmes, motivational workshops and lectures to a number of top companies in the country.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sports Management & Coaching, I.T.E.C Diploma in Gym/Studio Instruction, Registered E.R.E.P.S Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Spinning Instructor, Ketttlebell Instructor, and A.C.S.M RIP 60 Trainer. In addition to her superb credentials she has worked alongside some of the highest profile trainers in the world from Los Angeles, Miami & London.

Jen is extremely passionate about her career and practices what she preaches on a daily basis. Running has always played a pivotal role in her life, she has completed various marathons around the world and is on a personal journey to complete all 6 marathon majors by 2020.